Friday, March 11, 2011

This week at the Ivey's

So, once again, the little monkey man has been sick...this time some virus...totally congested with a nasty cough. He had a low fever off and on about a day and a half, but other than that, he's been doing good. We're hoping it all clears up this weekend so he'll be nice and healthy when Omi(my mom) gets here on Monday!! CAN'T WAIT!!
Rogan had pizza for the first time last night at his friends Max and Marlis's house...and he LOVED it...seriously. He was eating like a little machine and his life depended on it! I think it's his new favorite :)

Rogan is such a content baby and it's such a blessing. Today he crawled all over the house playing and talking for like an hour...he's so entertaining--especially when he doesn't know you are watching!

As far as baby #2 goes...he is doing well! And for the most part I've started getting some energy back, although the last 2 days I have been extremely tired...hope I'm not getting sick! Baby is now the size of a softball! However, my belly looks like he's the size of a volleyball :( Oh well!

The busy season is coming upon us at the greenhouse, as Allen starts to leave earlier for work and more and more plants and flowers are filling up the's amazing to go in there just once or twice a week and see how much has changed--they sure do work hard!

Rogan will be 11 months old on Monday, so I'll have a post with pictures then!! tata for now!

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