Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting so BIG!

Yep. It's still February and I'm writing another post! Getting better, I hope! The last several days have been a little crazy...the little monkey man has had fever since Friday so we went to the doctor this morning. His normal doctor's on vacation, so it was some other lady. She thinks he has the flu. Poor little man.
Anyways, our little man turned 10 months old on Valentine's Day!! Soooo hard to believe he is so big. Seriously. Where has the time gone?? He's getting to be such a little boy. He understands so much and it is so much fun to watch him learn. He picks up on things so fast! Who knew that such a little guy could bring us so much joy? And to think we're going to have another one in like 27 weeks!

This is a short post because having a sick baby means sleeping whenever you have a chance! So off to bed we go. :) Here's a couple pics of our little monkey on Valentine's day. We went to the greenhouse to take Daddy a smoothie and have a little visit.

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