Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 months...he's almost ONE!

It really is crazy to think about how fast our little man is growing! I should have written this post last week, but Mom was here and I just didn't take much time to sit down at the computer! Speaking of last week, it was simply the best spring break--I certainly didn't want it to end! It was such a blessing to have my mom here the whole week and I only let her go home because she'll be back in 3 weeks for Rogan's bday party :)

So here's some pics and a few random things about our little monkey man...

Rogan is crawling EVERYWHERE. If you leave a room, he'll follow you out. He still does the army crawl, even though he "dances" on his hands and knees. But he sure is quick!

A few days ago he woke up from his nap crying after only half an hour so I knew he needed to go back to sleep. I went to get a bottle warming and when I looked back at the monitor he was STANDING up in his bed...little toot! He's been pulling up to his knees for about a week now, but to his feet is a whole other level. Look out!

He LOVES Cheerios...if all else fails, try Cheerios. He likes to hold one between his fingers and use his teeth(only ones in front of course) to bite it in half.

He's got REALLY good vision. He will pick up the tiniest speck of dirt off the floor. I've dug things out of his mouth so much that he's learned to just pick it up and hold it up to give me.

He hates getting food on his face when he eats. Seriously, he gets upset.

He waves bye-bye and sometimes will say it at the same time, although usually the two aren't together. Sometimes he'll wave HI.

He loves baby einstein's Baby MacDonald...it's the farm one and he will literally sit in his bumbo and watch the entire thing...talking, waving, and dancing through it.

Now that he's not sick any more, he's back to being a good sleeper...usually two naps a day, but if they total much less than 3 hours, a third nap is sometimes necessary.

He's been totally on whole milk for a couple weeks now and does great...I think at first it took some getting used to because he pooped like 5 times a day, but that's gotten better.

The time change worked well for him...well, better for me! He now sleeps "later"!!

He LOVES to be outside(which is nothing new!) He gets REALLY excited if you just walk with him towards the door!

If you ask him what a dog says, he says "uffff" "uffffff" --hasn't quite got the "r" yet.

He loves to play with anything that makes noise...the more he can make, the longer he'll play with it!(pots and pans on the kitchen tile make LOUD noises!)

He has 6 teeth! 4 on top and 2 on bottom

He can make a fish face(sucking in your cheeks) and it is HILARIOUS!

He can clap his hands really well...and likes the louder noise it makes in the tub when his hands are wet!

He was totally meant to be my son--such a ham for the camera! Here's some pics to prove it!

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