Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 months...he's almost ONE!

It really is crazy to think about how fast our little man is growing! I should have written this post last week, but Mom was here and I just didn't take much time to sit down at the computer! Speaking of last week, it was simply the best spring break--I certainly didn't want it to end! It was such a blessing to have my mom here the whole week and I only let her go home because she'll be back in 3 weeks for Rogan's bday party :)

So here's some pics and a few random things about our little monkey man...

Rogan is crawling EVERYWHERE. If you leave a room, he'll follow you out. He still does the army crawl, even though he "dances" on his hands and knees. But he sure is quick!

A few days ago he woke up from his nap crying after only half an hour so I knew he needed to go back to sleep. I went to get a bottle warming and when I looked back at the monitor he was STANDING up in his bed...little toot! He's been pulling up to his knees for about a week now, but to his feet is a whole other level. Look out!

He LOVES Cheerios...if all else fails, try Cheerios. He likes to hold one between his fingers and use his teeth(only ones in front of course) to bite it in half.

He's got REALLY good vision. He will pick up the tiniest speck of dirt off the floor. I've dug things out of his mouth so much that he's learned to just pick it up and hold it up to give me.

He hates getting food on his face when he eats. Seriously, he gets upset.

He waves bye-bye and sometimes will say it at the same time, although usually the two aren't together. Sometimes he'll wave HI.

He loves baby einstein's Baby MacDonald...it's the farm one and he will literally sit in his bumbo and watch the entire thing...talking, waving, and dancing through it.

Now that he's not sick any more, he's back to being a good sleeper...usually two naps a day, but if they total much less than 3 hours, a third nap is sometimes necessary.

He's been totally on whole milk for a couple weeks now and does great...I think at first it took some getting used to because he pooped like 5 times a day, but that's gotten better.

The time change worked well for him...well, better for me! He now sleeps "later"!!

He LOVES to be outside(which is nothing new!) He gets REALLY excited if you just walk with him towards the door!

If you ask him what a dog says, he says "uffff" "uffffff" --hasn't quite got the "r" yet.

He loves to play with anything that makes noise...the more he can make, the longer he'll play with it!(pots and pans on the kitchen tile make LOUD noises!)

He has 6 teeth! 4 on top and 2 on bottom

He can make a fish face(sucking in your cheeks) and it is HILARIOUS!

He can clap his hands really well...and likes the louder noise it makes in the tub when his hands are wet!

He was totally meant to be my son--such a ham for the camera! Here's some pics to prove it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Outdoor bathing

So this evening Rogan took his bath outside since it was so nice...just thought it would be fun...and he did have fun. Unfortunately I didn't grab my camera til the end, but he's still just as cute. I was just too busy laughing at him before he got out. He even slipped completely under water and didn't freak out--so I'm pretty sure he's going to be a little fish!

Here's a few of our little monkey man and his all-too-handsome Daddy :)

This week at the Ivey's

So, once again, the little monkey man has been sick...this time some virus...totally congested with a nasty cough. He had a low fever off and on about a day and a half, but other than that, he's been doing good. We're hoping it all clears up this weekend so he'll be nice and healthy when Omi(my mom) gets here on Monday!! CAN'T WAIT!!
Rogan had pizza for the first time last night at his friends Max and Marlis's house...and he LOVED it...seriously. He was eating like a little machine and his life depended on it! I think it's his new favorite :)

Rogan is such a content baby and it's such a blessing. Today he crawled all over the house playing and talking for like an hour...he's so entertaining--especially when he doesn't know you are watching!

As far as baby #2 goes...he is doing well! And for the most part I've started getting some energy back, although the last 2 days I have been extremely tired...hope I'm not getting sick! Baby is now the size of a softball! However, my belly looks like he's the size of a volleyball :( Oh well!

The busy season is coming upon us at the greenhouse, as Allen starts to leave earlier for work and more and more plants and flowers are filling up the greenhouse...it's amazing to go in there just once or twice a week and see how much has changed--they sure do work hard!

Rogan will be 11 months old on Monday, so I'll have a post with pictures then!! tata for now!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting so BIG!

Yep. It's still February and I'm writing another post! Getting better, I hope! The last several days have been a little crazy...the little monkey man has had fever since Friday so we went to the doctor this morning. His normal doctor's on vacation, so it was some other lady. She thinks he has the flu. Poor little man.
Anyways, our little man turned 10 months old on Valentine's Day!! Soooo hard to believe he is so big. Seriously. Where has the time gone?? He's getting to be such a little boy. He understands so much and it is so much fun to watch him learn. He picks up on things so fast! Who knew that such a little guy could bring us so much joy? And to think we're going to have another one in like 27 weeks!

This is a short post because having a sick baby means sleeping whenever you have a chance! So off to bed we go. :) Here's a couple pics of our little monkey on Valentine's day. We went to the greenhouse to take Daddy a smoothie and have a little visit.

Monday, February 7, 2011


So, I'm not sure how many times that I've been "determined" to keep this blog up, but I figure it's a new year and I'll try again! I'd like to be able to keep our friends and family that aren't here to see our little monkey grow updated! AND as our second little peanut grows, keep y'all up on him/her as well!

This last year has been so amazing with our little man coming into the world and living in Lubbock has been wonderful. It's so great to have so much family in town! Rogan has been thoroughly spoiled by his grandparents and great-grandparents. I'm not going to try and catch up on all that I haven't written about, but rather pick up right here and keep going! Rogan will be 10 MONTHS OLD next week!! He's been healthy for the last few weeks, which has been a blessing. After an ear infection, 2 bouts of hand foot mouth virus, and then mono the second week of the year, it's been quite a ride. Next week he will have some more blood work done because when he was really sick a few weeks ago they did a bunch of blood work(which is how they found out he had mono) but his lipid panel came back with his triglycerides ridiculously high--574! They should be below 99. So I'm praying that they are normal and it was just a lab error! Anyway. He's such a happy and easy little baby, it's hard to see him sick! Right now he has a little cough but the doctor said he was fine. Maybe it's just this crazy weather we've been having! The windchill last week was subzero, then Saturday was beautiful, then it snowed yesterday, was nice today, and then another arctic blast is blowing in tomorrow night. BRRR!

Tonight one of my best friends had to go to the hospital to deliver her baby after they found that there was no longer a heart beat. My heart aches so much for her and her husband. This is not the first time for this to happen to them and I simply can not imagine the pain that they are feeling yet again. I know God is in control but it is so hard not to just ask why? Why does this have to happen to them AGAIN!? And yet our lives and the lives of our babies are not our own. They are his from the very beginning. This is something I have to remind myself daily as I watch our little boy grow and fight against worries and fears that something could happen to him or to the little peanut that grows inside of me right now. I know He is sovereign and I know He is in control, but letting go completely is so hard.

Well, it's late and the monkey is in bed and peanut(or rather fig--that's how big he/she is this week) is causing some ickiness, so I'm thinking of hitting the sack early.

I'm soooo going to keep this up! You just wait! I'll leave you with a pic...