Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're done painting!!

Well took a little longer because it's been a crazy mom came to town to help paint and to hang out...we started moving...i stepped on a screw that went into my foot...and we finally have the internet and phone hooked up! So... last night I finished the last room to be painted--now the whole house has new paint! These are just a few I snapped for those of you who have been begging for pictures!! Once we get all our stuff moved in and I get things hung on the walls and all that fun stuff, I'll take some "final" pictures...until then, enjoy these!!

This is the new studio--i'm on the hunt for some vintage cool looking couch...

Here's the new office--those are clothes for a garage sale on the floor!

I LOVE the barstools!

That tv looks Tiny!'s actually sitting on our end table...but we haven't moved our other tv and haven't decided on an entertainment center...

So I have to say that this tub is heaven...even Allen is a huge fan!!

This is our unfinished guest's finished now, but I when I was taking these, I forgot to take a pic of it and the sun went down, so the lighting stinks...but not to worry...more will come!

I have to say that God has totally blessed us in providing such a wonderful house! We absolutey love it!! It's way bigger than we had been looking for and very open and we are just down the street from some good friends...Such a blessing! thanks to everyone who helped!