Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cake Balls, I'm 27!!

I can't believe it---27! It's kinda funny, sometimes when someone asks how old I am, I have to think about it for a second before I answer. But I usually get it right...unlike Allen, who for some reason, on our honeymoon, thought he was 28. About the third time he told someone that, I stopped and was like...wait a you aren't! You're only 27! Crazy boy...trying to grow up too fast! ;) Anyway, in April he did turn 28..and now I'm 27. 27. 27.27. I need to remember that for the next year...HA!

Anyway, I think life only gets better with each birthday. And this one was indeed the best so far! I mean, it was in fact, my first birthday to have a husband!!!(and the best one ever at that!) This year I used my birthday as an excuse(as usual) to have a party! Back in college I would have had some huge party where people have to park 3 blocks away and then walk...and while I'll ALWAYS be a party thrower(I just LOVE being a hostess!)...I have toned down the numbers since college...we just don't have room for 75-100...I don't even know how we fit that many people back then(I think it was just our HUGE back yard). Ok, this is random, but at one of our parties, my roommate's room was on fire and we didn't even notice!!(Don't tell our landlord, we never did!)...moral of that story...don't burn a candle in a wooden candle holder on a wooden shelf on your wall...I LOVE YOU LAUREN!! haha! ok...back to present time....I digress...
Anyway, yesterday was my birthday and we had some friends over for food and fun! A friend of mine let me try a cake ball she had made the other day and it was so delicious, I decided I had to make them for my party...they are FABULOUS!! I can't wait to make them again for Thanksgiving at my parent's house! You can find the recipe here. This blog has so many fun and delicious looking treats! I totally bookmarked it!

It was sooo easy, you just bake a red velvet cake...

Then let it cool, crumble it into a bowl. Mix it with a can of cream cheese frosting and roll it into balls(this can get messy). Then let them chill for a few hours in the fridge...

Then you just melt some chocolate bark and roll the balls in it and plop each coated one onto wax paper to harden...and get THIS!!!!

mmmmm....does it make you want to try it now?! It makes like 50 balls and cost maybe $5 total?? YAY!

Anyway, my dear husband, who also loves to try new things to cook(and I do mean cook...he's not so much the baker!) made some DELICIOUS meatballs...I don't have pictures, but just imagine yummy juicy maple-glazed meatballs...oh so good! We also made chocolate covered strawberries, which by the way, are my favorite fruit. Chocolate covered strawberries...remember that if you ever feel the need to give me a gift of any sort... ;)

OH OH OH! I almost forgot to tell you....Allen got me such a fun birthday present, and since this post is all about yummy foods, it fits right in...we've always talked about going to one of those cooking classes at Central Market but never have...but guess what, on December 1st, we ARE! He knows how much I love tamales(hey, i am from south Texas, what do you expect!?), and he found a Tamale Workshop they are having--YAY!! Isn't he just the best ever!? I'll tell you all about it after we go! We're supposed to learn how to make all sorts of yummy Mom and Dad Ivey, looks like we're gonna make some Mexican food for Christmas this year? ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sad Day...

Well...somehow Obama managed to deceive enough people and now he's our next president. It's disheartening...BUT, God is sovereign, so it's nice to know that no matter what, He's still in control!

So, life has been busy here on Vineyard Lane...but this last week Allen didn't have to work a single night! It was so nice to have him home...we finally hung the hammock out on the back patio, which made a great place for our sunday afternoon nap...then the night before last, Allen lit a fire in the chimenea and we sat outside in the chilly air enjoying the warmth from the fire and a nice's just been nice!

We are looking forward to the holidays with our families--thanksgiving with the Schovajsas, and Christmas with the Iveys...and who knows what for New Year's!
Anyway, just thought I would post a little something since it's been a while...maybe next time I'll have some pictures!