Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ok, so Allen and I came to Lubbock for the weekend on a quest to find somewhere to live...and it only took one day! We left thursday after my last doctor's visit with my obgyn there in FW :( and got here around 4:30 or so....and it's a good thing we left thursday because snow was already covering everything and driving that night would not have been good. We started our search on Friday morning, and aside from a reeeeally quick lunch stop at the parent's house for about 10 minutes, we were driving around all day long looking at houses. We had found several possibilities and the next to last one was around 725 sq ft but only $525....we talked about it on our way to the last house for the day, thinking that it would be a very "cozy" house, but that it was just for a year or two and our ultimate goal was to save money and get out of debt, so it became the top of our list of houses. Or so we thought. Allen's grandmother had called us saying that her best friend was moving to Austin and they were wanting to rent their house...but we were pretty certain that it just wouldn't work out because they could get so much more for their house than what we could pay. But we agreed to at least go and look at it. We were prepared to politely tell them that it was just too much for us. So as we drove from the 725 sq ft house to meet Allen's Nana at her friend's house, we didn't get our hopes up or anything. As soon as we walked in we knew it was out of the range we were willing to spend. Nana's friend, Edna, showed us all around the house, which was absolutely lovely, and big! The shocker came when they told us how much they wanted to rent it to us for and I'm sure we had the look of pure shock and disbelief as we stared back at them! We told them that they could get much more than that if they were to rent it to someone else, but they insisted that they wanted us to rent it and wanted someone who they knew would take care of the house. CRAZY! seriously. We tried to argue with them about it but they would not have it. They insisted that we were an answer to prayer and as it turns out they were an answer to ours. Who knew we would find such a great place to live!? I know that through this Edna and JB will be a true blessing to us we hope to be the same to them. Anyway, we drove away in silence as both of us were in too much of a shock to say anything. I kept thinking I'd wake up to realize that I'd laid down for a nap and had a wonderful dream. But it was real!! Anyway, after we left I realized that I hadn't taken a single picture of the house so I went back yesterday to take a few...I'll post those this week when I get home! Anyway, we were able to just relax and hang out with the fam the rest of the nice!

Well, I should go start packing up our things so we can head back to fort worth. More to come later!

Monday, January 18, 2010

And we're back!

Soooo, it's only been about forever since I've updated this thing...but figured it was about time that I start at it again! I've mostly just been posting to my photo blog, but figure I can do more personal stuff on this blog, especially with baby boy on his way! I don't want to overload my photo blog with pregnancy and then new baby stuff every day!

Soooo, here's to trying to keep up with this thing more!

Later today should mark a day of relief--we found a buyer for our house!! I'm just waiting for the contract to show up in my inbox and then it can be all official and I can breathe easy knowing we get to move to lubbock before baby comes....ahhhh.

I should have started this think back up as soon as we got pregnant again, but better late than never! Can you believe Allen and I will be married for 2 YEARS in just a couple weeks!? Craziness! Man how time flies!

Anyway, I'm now 24 weeks and counting! Baby is growing steadily and last week Allen felt him kick for the first time! It was so fun!

I'll have to take an updated belly pic to post soon!

Anyway, that's it for today--my brain is too excited to do much writing!