Monday, September 29, 2008

Home for a while....sweetness.

So yeah. October is in a few days! I honestly don't understand how time goes by so much faster these days! Does that just happen when you get married? Anyway, September has been good! We went to california for a wedding/mini vacation and had a blast, fell in love with this yogurt place called Pinkberry (i think we went there 4 or 5 times in the 4 days we were there!)...played in some big waves(as soon as i figure out putting video on here, i'm posting a video of allen in the giant waves!), and had a great time with friends at a wedding on a yacht. fun times. Then like 2 weeks after that we were off to the booming town of Seadrift, TX to shoot the wedding of my dear Audrey--our families are super duper close and she's practically a sister to me and my other sisters. The wedding was outside as the sun set over the water...perfect. I'll have more photos of that wedding posted on my photoblog later this week, but here's one from her bridal shoot we did in august...just stunning! Anyway, my best friend came over with her kids today and she helped me decorate the house more! Such a successful and great day with her! I'll post some updated pics of the house soon! Anyway, we're not going out of town until Thanksgiving!'ll be so nice to stay in town for a while! Love you all!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, so September is halfway over and I don't even recall it getting here! I'm way behind on posting, but that should come as no surprise! Over the past few weeks, we have been home to Inez for our "Inez wedding reception" along with 3 photo shoots, had 3 more photo shoots upon return, had a small family of Louisiana evacuees stay with us for a week, had a mini-vacation and wedding in california, and taken care of our dear friends' almost-3-yr-old for a week while their new baby was in the hospital. And now we both have a cold. YUCK. So needless to say, blogging was on the backburner. You can however visit my photography blog for a view of all those photo shoots I've had. But for now, I'm going to curl up in bed!