Friday, June 20, 2008

The House :)

I promised a few pics of the house...Here's a few I snapped!

The charming front.

The entry way looking back at the front door--the office on the right with the french door, and closest to the front...will be my studio!

My future studio/meeting room...minus the chandelier of course!!

Need I say anything? Bubbles will be nice... ;)

The master bedroom...we need to hire Stanley Steemer!


We love the open concept!

Our back patio! Can't wait for some fall evenings with outdoor dinners!

Well, that's the house! Pray everything goes well in all the closing and within a month we'll be homeowners!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Can you see my excitement? Haha! As most people close to us already know, we've been waiting for about a week and a half to hear back about an offer we put on a house....and the verdict is....YES!!! They came back yesterday and asked for best and final offers. There was another offer on the house as well and so what were we to do? Offer more? Keep our same offer? We REEEEALLY wanted this house, but it could just be a game to try and get us to offer more money. Not having any idea what the other offer on it could be, we just upped our offer to their asking price, which was only $900 more than our original offer, and we got a call this morning from our realtor saying they'd accepted it with a few minor changes...only about a $300 we accepted back and YES! We're waiting on paperwork and such and our closing date is July 18th!!!!
I'll have a few snapshots from the first time we looked at it, so I'll try and post them later!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Was that a big catfish?

So Allen and I went on a bike ride around our neighborhood tonight. There's this little creek that runs through the area and a nice bike/walking trail that winds around. Well, as we passed over part of the creek, I saw something moving through the water. I hollered back at Allen, "did you see that in the water? Was that a big catfish?!" Now keep in mind this is barely a creek....there was only water at the one end where we crossed--about 2 feet deep maybe--and the rest of it was dried up. Anyway, being the curious monkeys we are, we turned around to go check it out...we stared in the water for a while trying to find what I had seen and finally Allen says, "is that a BEAVER!?" He poked in the water with a stick and out from the culvert came a creature....a beaver! Does this surprise anyone else? I don't think I've ever seen a beaver before that one....weird.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So this weekend Allen made the decision to go to the river! So off to Leakey we went for a relaxing weekend with the family. The Frio was pretty low so Allen and I only actually floated down the river once--too much walking! A few others floated a longer float the next day, but us being so white, we decided not to be in the blaring sun all afternoon! Just where our cabins were on the river there was a little spot in the water where we could put our chairs and just hang out in the, dad, teri, and carlton even set up their table and played dominoes in the river! Shelley and Corey came with little Corbin, my little nephew, and he is sooooo cute! I can't believe he's almost four months old! Anyway, it was a great little getaway with family and hopefully next year there will be more rain!!!

mmm...we definitely weren't counting points over the weekend!

enjoying the ribs and more!

Daddy and Mr. Carlton relaxing after some good food!

Corbin REALLY wanted some ribs--but he's got a ways to go before that!

...the domino table!

Isn't he just sooo cute!? We had some fun with him and the watermelon--haha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So our offer didn't actually get in until Monday morning, but as far as we know there aren't any other offers on the house!! So now it's just time to wait and pray they accept our offer! So if you think about it, give a shout up for us. We're just trying not to think about it so that it's not so a couple days we're going to leave for either the frio river for my family vacation or to lubbock for allen's 10 yr. high school reunion(he hasn't decided which he wants to go to more yet!) if we haven't heard by then, at least we'll be distracted for the weekend! Anyway, not much else going on--have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scratch that--

Soooo...yeah. Last post said that we were going to wait to buy a house...BUT, we came across a really good deal and if all goes well in the morning we may be putting in an offer! So pray that if this is the house He has for us that all will go smoothly!! I will let you know what happens!