Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice weather...and no patio furniture!!

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately...I think my last post talked about how much Allen's been working and well, he hasn't slowed down! And I've been swamped with work as well and other things have taken priority...but I promise I'll try to keep up with it better!
So about the post title...we have been having such nice weather lately and so we decided to look around to see if we could find some decent priced patio furniture...for our fabulous back patio...
Do you know that there is nowhere that has any patio furniture!! I mean seriously...it's not winter yet guys...and it's Texas. Give me a break!
So i'm guessing that if we want anything, we'll have to order it online.
After our disappointing excursions looking for patio furniture on Sunday afternoon, we came home...washed our cars with some new soap Allen wanted to try out with his pressure washer(it works great!) and pulled weeds...like 5 million or so...just in the front yard. And there's still more! I pulled another trashbag full today...they are some nasty little weeds!
It sure is nice though knowing that it OUR lawn we're working on...and not someone else's! God is good.
Well, I've got lots to do. I'm having a beginner's photography workshop so on top of everything else, I have to finish preparing for that! Should be fun!

Take care, we love you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hard working man!

So if you read this blog, you know Allen, and you know that he is just not a complainer and such a hard worker. I just thought I would reiterate that to everyone. He is simply amazing and the best husband in the world! This week he has been working day and night...literally. Starting last sunday afternoon, he left to work with Travis, was back that evening for about 20 or so minutes to say hey and change clothes...then was back out to work for the night...to return the next morning, sleep 3 or so hours, get up again, go to work at cellworld til 6pm...Casey and the kids were over on Monday so he got home and then had dinner with us before they left...then crashed at like 7:30. Exhausted, he slept through dinner, got up at like 6am the next morning, went to work at 7am, worked til 6pm, was home for a couple hours to eat dinner and then leave again for work with Travis, get home in the morning, sleep a few hours, go to work, come home a couple hours go to work with Travis again, get home in the morning, sleep a couple hours, go work til 6pm again....etc, etc. You get the picture. After a week like this, the closest thing to anything negative that I heard come out of his mouth was simply..."It'll be nice when this week is over."...He doesn't have to work this much, but he does so that we can pay off our debt...and save some money to hopefully have a baby in the near future...what an amazing man.

I am blessed beyond measure to have Allen as a husband. I love him more than I knew was possible and I never doubt his love for me. What a gift he is!

On a totally different note, if you don't keep up with my photography blog then here's a few pics of my precious nephew...from his 6 month shoot...too cute, huh?