Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I's been a while!

Well, I've been a little off the radar on here...because we've been soooo busy!! We ended up closing on our house on July 14th--5 days early, but worked out very well because of some crazy details that came up. There is so much stuff that goes into closing on a house...who knew! But I think the calls have finally stopped--no one calling saying, "um, we just emailed you some pages that you forgot to put your middle initial on when you signed. Please fax them to us and overnight the originals back." Which is odd because one of the papers we signed was giving them permission to do things like add an initial or whatever if we happened to miss something. Weird. What the point of that paper? Anyway, all that done--It's OURS!! I spent about a week cleaning--not your typical cleaning...I mean scrubbing baseboards, cabinets, drawers, doors, doorframes...FLOORS...every surface of this house has been scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized. I don't think the people who lived in it before EVER vacuumed(thank goodness for the amazing carpet guy that cleaned the carpet) or mopped or dusted...or cleaned period. All that's left to clean is the tubs and showers, but you'd be amazed at it now if you'd seen it before. Then a week and a half ago, we started painting! Now I've painted a room before...and a bathroom. But never a whole house!! It's quite a job! My mother-in-law is loves to paint(she should be on one of those home shows!) and she came over last monday to start painting with me...Boy did we get a lot done in just like a day and a half! I'm hoping to be completely done by the end of the week--I'm so ready to move in, but I want everything to be done first!! Anyway, I'll post some pictures later today of the progress!!